For those that are really serious about their time, money and Property Investments. Enjoy the benefits of a fully-tailored Property Success Coaching Programme, that entails a powerful combination of face-to-face engagement, remote on-demand access to ThePropertyCoach when you are in urgent need for advice and transaction support as well as free access to his Fast Track Team
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A 6-month Programme that will transform you into an Advanced Property Investor. A rich experience of expert content and education only available to the Mastermind members, networking with like-minded professionals, peer-to-peer accountability as well as free access to success tools and selected success partners
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Thinking about buying or selling Investment Properties? Get the Expert Opinion on your next Property Investment or strategies and tactics on to maximise Exit Value.
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For an Investment of as little as R 349 per month you get access to Online practical & local Knowledge, Professional Tools, my Fast Track Team (including up to 30% discount on Conveyancing Fees, Property Inspection Providers, Rates Troubleshooters) and a powerful Online Collaboration Platform to find private investors and deals below market value. 20% OFF Web Special when you click below
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