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Finding Great Deals without going to Auction

Acquiring Properties below Market Value is a critical part of ThePropertyCoach methodology to Fast Track Your Property Success; “but where are the sweet deals?” is a question that many property investors do not have an answer to.


It is important to appreciate that a “sweet” Property Deal is not only defined by its Purchase Price, but also by the Terms and Conditions of the Purchase Agreement.


Quite a few Aspiring Investors believe that Auctions, whether private or sheriff auctions, are the best place to find great deals; accordingly, they venture themselves in bidding at auctions with very mixed results. While “bargains” can be sometimes found at auctions, it is important to have a full understanding of the significant risks inherent to the Terms and Conditions of bidding at auctions.


Two risks that stand out for me are the risks around “rouwkop” (or liquidated damages) and the inability to guarantee that vacant occupation will be granted contained in many “standard” auctions Terms of Bidding; the high costs of evictions and litigation, as well as the uncertainty around lending policies in South Africa should be duly considered before bidding at auctions. Let me admit I am not the biggest fan of Auctions; and one of the main reasons for this is that I want you to write an Offer to Purchase that minimise the deal risk for you, not for the Seller or for the Intermediary; we teach you how to do that in our exclusive Property Mastermind.


So if you are not getting deals below Market Value and want to give Auctions a break, here are four practical tips and strategies for you to implement:

Success Hack #1 – Focus on “need to sell”

There are two types of Sellers, those that want to sell and those that need to sell; focus exclusively your time and energy on first quickly identifying the 10% of sellers that need to sell and then make offers in writing, not verbally, to dramatically increase your credibility with the Seller and create a direct communication channel with the Seller.

Success Hack #2 – Embrace Rejection

Unless 90% or more of your Offers to Purchase are not accepted, you are offering too much. Getting properties below market value is a combination of quality and quantity of sourcing and marketing activity; embracing the reality of getting a lot of “no’s” to your “cheeky” offers will ultimately get you great property deals.

Success Hack #3 – Use the 1% / 99% rule

To achieve what only 1% of people achieve, you need to do what 99% of the people are not prepared to do. That includes disciplined execution of your acquisition plan (i.e. stick to one or two areas rather than spreading yourself thin geographically), patience and resilience through short term failures, investing in your property-specific education and embracing direct marketing instead of relying on the big property portals.


Success Hack #4 – Be likeable and Trustworthy

Bob Burg once said “All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to people they know, like and trust”. I love that. So how are you making sure that you are on the “black book” of real estate intermediaries when they come across those sweet deals that you want? Whether you have lots of cash and / or finance lined up, always be the more likeable and trustworthy Property Investors and many amazing deals will ultimately come your way


“Fix your course to a star and you will navigate any storm.” – Leonardo Da Vinci.