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Our Education philosophy is that we “teach you how to fish”, we don’t give you “the fish”. We don’t sell or market Properties neither directly nor indirectly.

If you want to take control of your Financial Future and build sustainable Wealth that will grow for generations to come, then ThePropertyCoach is the right place for you to invest in yourself and in your Property-specific education.

Our Education is practical, based on success stories and focused on action, not theoretical models. What we teach is inspired and built on the practical experience of Carlo Mariani, Founder of ThePropertyCoach, through his personal property investments and the experience of his mentors and students.

Fast Track Your Property Success. Take Action.

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Episode 1 – “Write a Profitable and Risk-Free Offer to Purchase”

Get the 7-Episode video series "How to write a profitable and risk-free offer to purchase"

Protect yourself and your Property Business from dubious Agents and Sellers. Get practical tips and strategies to write an Offer to Purchase that protects YOU and YOUR rights first and foremost. Make money when you buy!​

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What our customers say about Property Coach

Nadine M
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Invaluable Knowledge

Absolutely amazing experience with Carlo and the team! They helped me tremendously with getting into the investors mindset, and provided me with the tools to move forward with my property venture, would recommend The Property Coach to anyone who wants practical advice on how to get started and how to continue to build an extensive property portfolio.
Nomfundo M
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Best property coaching

Carlo is the best property coach and makes it all very practical. Well worth the investment and you get loads of value.
Dale Holtshousen
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If you want to make profit from property, this is the club to join. The cost to be a member of the club is insignificant compared to the knowlege and tools that you get, which translates into profitable property deals. Carlo is a straight shooter and will only give you the best advice so you take all the profit without taking the risks. I highly rate the property hack club.
Nonsi Ncube
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I attended a strategy session with Carlo and he challenged me to think much broader about my property journey. He gave me great tips on investing in property and asked me questions that will assist me as I do more research. I am excited to join the Property Hack Club and broaden my knowledge even more.
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Property Coaching

fantastic information, extremely interactive, great value
Natasha S
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Exceptional Service

I have been a member of the Property Coach for a couple of months and find that the course content and its delivery has exceeded my expectations. This course and all it offers is certainly value for money!
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Go with The Property Coach

Carlo has so much passionate for what he does and always imparting knowledge, expertise and his property experience for people who want to invest in the property market. You will get daily updates, no question is stupid to him and he will give you am honest answer. Indeed when you want to fast track your property success, go with The Property Coach
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Most valuable property investment platform there is

These sessions are so insightful. Literally every time I am in a class I learn something and I thought I already know a lot about property investment. It's also great to have a community to share your property experiences with because you make a lot less mistakes.