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Our Education philosophy is that we “teach you how to fish”, we don’t give you “the fish”.  We don’t sell or market Properties neither directly nor indirectly.

If you want to take control of your Financial Future and build sustainable Wealth that will grow for generations to come, then ThePropertyCoach is the right place for you to invest in yourself and in your Property-specific education.

Our Education is practical, based on success stories and focused on action, not theoretical models. What we teach is inspired and built on the practical experience of Carlo Mariani, Founder of ThePropertyCoach, through his personal property investments and the experience of his mentors and students.

Fast Track Your Property Success. Take Action.

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Episode 1 – “Write a Profitable and Risk-Free Offer to Purchase”

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3 Secrets to Joburg CBD Property Success

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3 Reasons to Buy Property in RSA

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Raise Money Like a Super Hero

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